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We are always interested in collecting any Cryptid or Paranormal witness information or evidence. All reports are confidential and kept private, Thank You.

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The Asheville Cryptid And Paranormal Society LLC (A.C.A.P.S.) is dedicated to "Rediscovering Lost Legends; and Exploring the Spectrum of All Life." Our organization is open-minded and courteous towards every view of the cryptid and paranormal experience. The A.C.A.P.S. is based on the principals of rational science, with the use of the scientific method approach as the basis to every research endeavor. With over 23 years of dedicated experience in the investigative research of Cryptid and Paranormal Activity, we strive to offer the highest education in these areas, with our top priority being client safety and confidentiality.

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Your support and contributions will enable us to travel and procure the necessary equipment needed for this particular research, and investigation style. Thank You.

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